Each face is unique and beautiful. My job is to enhance your beauty and make you feel your best self. 


As a licensed aesthetician and nail technologist, I have a trained eye for picking out an individuals best features and highlighting those areas. 

About Nikolina Trajanoski

I attended Spa Tech Institute in 2009 where I received my State of Maine license in aesthetics and also attended CosmoTech in 2011 where I received my State of Maine license as a Nail Technologist. I have also attended makeup classes in Boston and New York. I provide airbrush makeup services where I specialize in wedding and event makeup. I keep each  clients own personal style in mind whether it be full coverage glam makeup or an elegant soft look.  My goal is to help guide you to look and feel your best.  I'll listen to your needs and by working together I will create the perfect look for you!  

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Continuous education and collaboration with like minded individuals can only  enhance my skills and perspective.


I enjoy working out of my comfort zone and letting the creative juices flow. Let's work together and create something magical!